Issue 1 is out July 12th! Where can you get it?

You can get CALEXIT at most local comic shops. Do you need help finding yours? Try

If you like digital, you can grab it here:
Kindle Store

Mailorder? Here are some options:
Midtown Comics

Looking for those cool-ass variant covers? Here’s all the deets!


This Fried Pie Variant by Tyler Boss is available from the Fried Pie coalition of shops!


Occupied Oakland variant (Amancay Nahuelpan) is available at Cape & Cowl Comics in Oakland.


Occupied Ventura variant (Amancay Nahuelpan) is available at Hypno Comics in Ventura.


Occupied Anaheim variant (Amancay Nahuelpan) is available at POP! Comics in Anaheim.


Occupied Nashville variant (Amancay Nahuelpan) is available at Rick’s Comic City in Nashville.


This variant by Skylar Patridge is available from Unknown Comics in Amarillo.


This variant by Maria Llovet is available from Level Up Comics in St. Paul.


This Alexis Ziritt variant is available from Third Eye Comics in Annapolis.


This Ben Templesmith variant is available from ComicXposure.


This Amancay Nahuelpan variant is available from Jesse James Comics.


This Distress Flag variant is available from Frankie’s Comics.


This triptych variant is available from Hoknes Comics.